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Unrecognized infections – autoimmune diseases dog

11. Juli 2018 - English section

Dog owners in all countries of the world experience exactly what people experience who have become infected with insect and tick-borne infectious diseases, because the training of doctors and veterinarians in the infectiology sector is not of a very good quality.

One „recognizes“ – poorly trained veterinarys produce immense costs – unfortunately only the illnesses, of which one has heard of in the training! The dramatic consequences of these deficits are borne by humans and animals. Note: Approx. 90% of the dog owners, we talk to, have as many diagnoses as their dogs without ever being tested for an infectious disease!

Already in the preface of the book „The infectiology“ by Dieter Adam, the worldwide situation in infectiology is described with little confidence.

Quote: „As a result of the misjudgment or underestimation of the epidemiological status and dynamics of infectious diseases – due to complacency, indifference and even ignorance – dangerous deficits have occurred or been accepted in the prevention, detection,  and control of these diseases. Also, the inadequate value of university education, teaching and research in the field of infectious diseases, in Germany, has contributed to this development. „

If the infections were diagnosed early in the acute phase, there would be good chances to treat them, unfortunately, the acute phases are almost always overlooked.
The subsequent chronification then hardly has a chance to be recognized correctly because early-phase parameters such as e.g. CRP have then already returned to normal. This is followed by veterinary odysseys in which the owners of already chronically infected dogs are confronted with a long list of descriptive diagnoses.

Because the infections often have numerous effects on other organs, they are able to produce autoimmune co-morbidities.

The list of autoimmune co-morbidities in already chronically ill dogs reads as follows:

Osteoarthritis / spondylosis
Autoimmune disease
Cardiovascular diseases
Stomach / intestinal diseases (gastroenteritis, IBD)
Addison’s disease
Neurological disease (e.g., epilepsy)
Mental diagnoses (anxiety, depression etc.)
Liver and spleen disorders and others

In addition to the lack of knowledge in veterinary medicine, low-quality test procedures (low sensitivity) make it difficult to diagnose and often even ensure that the dog – due to the deficient test – is not entitled to a causal treatment. All symptoms continue to chronify.

If dog owners want to restore the health of their dogs, new analytics and infection knowledge in the veterinary profession is the only way to achieve this goal.

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