Symptom Log - Borreliose Nachrichten

Symptom Log

28. Juli 2015 - English section

The symptom log should give you support when documenting your symptoms over longer periods of time, because our memory is not always very reliable. Especially if the symptoms and therapies change frequently.Symptom-log

These types of records show you and your doctor how to develop various treatments and therapies. In this way, you allow doctors a quick overview. This leaves more time for your therapy!

If you make a claim from an insurance policy for a disease such as Lyme disease or FSME, you will be dealing with “experts”. A report is always necessary when a subject is debatable, that is a fact all over the world.

Insurance evaluators are doctors who make up within a short time a picture of your complaints. In this particular situation, we all can forget so many important details. Symptom-Log-PDFHere, a copy of the symptom diary is often critical to prove the claims of those affected.

Symptom Log

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