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NexGard and Bravecto

8. Juli 2015 - English section

NexGard and Bravecto

Are you and your dog healthy and free of infectious diseases? 

The new miracle cures NexGard and Bravecto have the potential to make you and your pets very sick in a short time!

Risk to humans and animals through new prevention agents (NexGard and Bravecto).

Are you and your dog healthy and free of infectious diseases?

The new miracle cures NexGard and Bravecto have the potential to make you and your pets very sick in a short time!

NexGard and Bravecto are new products for the treatment of flea and tick infestations in dogs. They had been in the European Union (since 2014) and are approved in the USA.NexGard-and-Bravecto-Bella

NexGard should be given, according to the manufacturer, every 30 days, Bravecto quarterly.

The good news first: Both the dogs and their owners like the beef flavour chewable tablet. NexGard is effective over a period of up to 4 weeks against fleas and ticks, Bravecto three months.

Now the less pleasant facts: The most important part of both treatments is that they miss the repellent effect!

So there is no deterrent effect on ticks and insects.

Therefore, the ticks don’t drop off of the dog, but they are carried to the domestic living room by the dog.

NexGard (active ingredient Afoxolaner) kills fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 48 hours, Bravecto (active ingredient Fluralaner) needs also 8 hours to kill fleas but it works earlier against ticks (the manufacturer reports that after 12 hours the first ticks are dead). Prerequisite is that this action effect occurs, only after the dog has been bitten by fleas and ticks!NexGard-and-Bravecto-Teddy

The new miracle drugs Afoxolaner and Fluralaner only kills ticks & fleas after the dog has already been bitten.

If the parasites have not yet bitten the dog, there is also the possibility to change the host, now every other animal or human comes into play with dog contact, so do we all!

The risk for transmission of infectious diseases through tick bites in humans and dogs is increasing!

Even in the extremely conservative camp of science, it has been recognized that the causative agent of anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and others transfer well before the expiration of 48 hours.NexGard-and-Bravecto-Rocca

We can be sure that both dogs and humans can be infected with numerous pathogens and become seriously ill, so the usage of this drug means increasing probability of infection.

Repellent products like spot-on preparations such as Advantix, Exspot and Preventic etc., tick and flea collars (eg Scalibor or Seresto for dogs and cats), have an active ingredient that is recognised by fleas, ticks and mosquitos and they are discouraged.NexGard-and-Bravecto-Chart

NexGard and Bravecto have no repellent, so they do not aim to deter parasites, therefore the risk of infection for humans and animals is increasing!

The information of the European Medicines Agency the following text under the heading „What is the risk associated with NexGard?“ reads:

„Since fleas and ticks must have begun biting the dog in order to be killed by the veterinary medicinal product, this has the possibility to increase the risk of transmission of diseases with which they are infected.“ German Source:

On the German producer website of Bravecto, the information read under the heading „Special warnings for each target species“ as „parasites must start with food intake on the host to be exposed to the drug. Therefore it can not exclude the risk of transmission of diseases caused by parasites. „On English websites I could not find any information such as on German Websites.

The manufacturer of Bravecto states „Bravecto does not have a repellency claim like Scalibor does. The parasites do have to attach to the dog in order to ingest the product.“


We see the German declaration is more meaningful than the English declaration.

This information is not readily available in the United States and United Kingdom, and so the vetinaries there are mostly unaware of the problem.


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celine quelennec

j’ai un groupe sur les dangers du bravecto
ou je regroupe des témoignages

Jill steel

There is also a Facebook group Does Nexguard kill dog’s.

Susan Wolfe

I have a Facebook group called Does Bravecto Kill Dogs? We are tying to get the word out about the risks of Bravecto. I just posted this article. Please join and help if you can at all. Thank you


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