Lyme disease statistics - suction time

Lyme disease statistics – suction time

7. Juli 2015 - English section

We ask you to fill in our short questionnaire
(takes 3 minutes) to the best of your knowledge in order to make your personal
contribution to science and the scientist in charge, to remind them of their profession, so that studies are produced with a reasonable group size.

Please complete the questionnaire only if you can remember the tick contact and the approximate suction time. 

The current state of research on the suction time of ticks to pathogen-transmission of Borrelia, is stable neither in qualitative nor in the quantitative survey form. Most of the studies relate to a smaller group size, eg: 15 to 20 subjects.

Statisticians would reject the significance of such a „study“ due to methodological shortcomings. Statements from so-called studies are, even if they are cited by physicians, not representative.Questionaire

Almost all existing policy group works about Lyme disease, which are attributed to the study, are only summaries and interpretations for publication in professional journals and the daily press. These studies have methodological flaws so large that they are not compatible with the scientific approach in the mathematical discipline statistics.

To this end, a quote from basics of clinical trials from the MDS: „A study requires a study protocol. In such a protocol, all objectives and procedures, including the statistical analysis should be presented, as well as any findings which establish the specific study. A study protocol is essential for both scientific seriousness as for example, for the presentation of the study to an ethics committee. „

Through SHARING our questionnaire – Lyme disease statistics – suction time, you will help to improve your contribution to science.

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